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Traybakes & Biscuits
Caramel Slices CS2
Krunchie Krackle KK1
Teaser Bars TB2
Rocky Roads RR2
Fifteens F2
Shortbread Biscuits B1
Oatmeal Biscuits OM
Chocolate Oatmeal Biscuits COM
Party Traybakes PTB1
Mini Caramel Bites MCB1
Pastry Shells PS1
Mini Pastry Shells MPS
Crispie Bites CB
Red Velvet Cup Cakes RVCC
Chocolate Cup Cakes CC3
Choc/Mint Cup Cakes CMC
Salted Caramel Cup Cakes SCCC
Top Hats TH1
Cakes & Pastries
Assorted Pastry A1
Wee Buns WB
Viennese Fingers VIEN
Madeira Cake PM1
Lemon Cake LM1
Ginger Cake GC1
Farmhouse Fruit Cake FFC
Cherry Madeira CM2
Jam & Cream Cake JC1
Jam & Coconut Cake JCO1
Chocolate Fudge Cake CFC1
Toffee Fudge Cake TF1
Apple & Cinnamon Cake ACC1
Jam Swiss Roll SW1
Choc Swiss Roll SW2
Raspberry & White Choc S Rolls RWC
Red Velvet Cake RVC
Jam & Coconut Swirls JCS
Fresh & Frozen Sausage Rolls
Sausage Rolls (pkt6) SR1
Sausage Rolls (cocktail 60 per bag) SR4
Sausage Rolls (small 48 per bag) SR5
Sausage Rolls (jumbo 36 per bag) SR3
Sausage Rolls (large 48 per bag) SR2
Sausage Rolls (giant 60 per box) SR6
Sausage Rolls (cooked pkt 4) SR7
Sausage Rolls (cooked Cocktail pkt 10) SR8
Fresh & Frozen Tarts and Crumbles
Apple Tart (cooked) AT1
Rhubarb Tart (cooked) RT1
Apple & Raspberry Crumble ARC
Shortbread Apple Tart AT3
Large Apple Tart AT4
Large Rhubarb Tart RT3
Shortbread Rhubarb Tart RT2
Shortbread Apple & Clove Tart AC1
Shortbread Cherry Tart CT1
Small Apple & Cinnamon AC3
Small Apple & Raspberry AR1
Small Apple & Blackberry AB1
Large Apple & Cinnamon ACC2
Large Apple & Raspberry AR2
Large Apple & Blackberry AB11
Large Apple & Clove AC2
Flaky Apple Tart AT2
Flaky Rhubarb Tart RT4
Apple Crumble ACR1
Rhubarb Crumble RC1
Small Apple Pies(box 60) AP1
Apple Puffs (bag 12) AP2
Sweet Mince Pies Frozen (box 60) SM2
Mini Sweet Mince Pies Frozen (box 120) MSM1
Sweet Mince Pies (pkt 6) SM1
Luxury Mini Sweet Mince Pies MSM2
Christmas Cake CHC1
Celebration Slices CBS1
Iced Maderia Slice IMS1